Were you impacted by the recent heavy rainstorms?  Was your home, property or car flooded or damaged?

We urge you to contact your elected officials (as well as 311) and file complaints.  Print the list below and use it to contact your representatives.

If many of us lodge complaints and make our problems their problems, we may get relief in the future.

Please call and/or write and/or Email as many of your elected officials as you can.  The more they hear from us, the sooner solutions may be found.

Office of Comptroller
Carmen Martinez, Director External Relations 1-212-669-4915
For claim forms, go to

Borough President --Helen Marshall 1-718-286-3000
Constituent services 1-718-286-2650

Councilman Jim Gennaro 1-718-217-4969
Legislative office 1-212-788-6956

Rory Lancman 1-718-820-0241
Mark Weprin 1-718-428-7900
Nettie Meyersohn 1-718-969-1508

State Senator
Toby Stavisky 1-718-445-0004

Anthony Weiner 1-718-332-9001

US Senators:
Charles Schumer 1-212-486-4430
Hillary Clinton 1-212-688-6262

Community Board #8: 1-718-264-7895
Alvin Warshaviak, Chairperson
Maria Adam-Ovide, District Manager

Public Advocate: Betsy Gotbaum

Ombudsman 1-212-669-7250

Mayor Mike Bloomberg