All women are cordially invited to participate
in the next Amen Group for Women

Rosh Chodesh Iyar
Wednesday, April 26, 2017
at 8:00AM - in the CLASSROOMS

Bracha party to follow

An Amen Group is Women Gathering
to Experience the Power of One Word

The Talmud says that the word Amen is actually an acronym for "Keil Melech Ne’eman” (G-d is a faithful king). Rashi explains that by answering Amen, we give testimony that the creator is a faithful G-d and can be relied on to fulfill his promises. The Queens Amen Group meets every Rosh Chodesh in the Young Israel of Hillcrest. All women are invited to join us as we answer Amen to Brochos as one…Declaring our faith in the trustworthiness of Hashem irrespective of what we are experiencing in our individual lives.

Just one word AMEN, CAN OPEN EVERY SINGLE GATE in Heaven causing Blessings to be showered on the entire world. (Chofetz Chaim)

Amen is a constant reminder of Hashem’s proximity to our daily existence.