About Hillcrest Youth

Hillcrest Youth Dept

The Hillcrest Community Youth Department serves all youth in our Hillcrest Community and adjoining neighborhoods.

We are affiliated with other Orthodox Jewish synagogues in the area, including The Young Israel of Hillcrest, Torah Center of Hillcrest, Utopia Torah Center and more.

Our goal is to provide the children with fun activities that comply with Torah standards and to help instill in them a love of G-d and Judaism.

Youth Activities PHOTOS Page

The Hillcrest Youth Department has initiated a CHESSED PROJECT, and everyone in Hillcrest can participate. We've begun a fundraising campaign to support JNF's efforts in its most recent emergency campaign, Operation Carmel Renewal: From Black to Green. This campaign began after the devastating fires in Israel in the early days of December, 2010, decimated the forests, woodlands, as well
as open spaces and built-up areas near Haifa.

JNF is raising money to repair the ecological damage and replace the
firefighting equipment and resources that were severely depleted in containing and eventually extinguishing the blaze.

Please go to to learn more and help us reach our goal.

All e-mail for the youth department should be addressed to

1. Shabbat morning groups for Nursery-2nd Grade, 9:45AM
2. Shabbat Teen Minyan Shacharit, 9:00AM in the Beit Midrash
3. Shabbat morning Junior Cong. Grades 3-6, 9:45AM in the Classrooms