YIH shiurim

Young Israel of Hillcrest is a Shul where Torah study is of central importance to its members on Shabbat and throughout the week. Various Shiurim and learning opportunities are available. Below is a sample of our consistent week-day Torah classes.


Beurei HaTefilla Online Class – Abe Katz (via Zoom, Tuesday nights at 8:45pm)

Abe Katz, a member of the Young Israel of Hillcrest for over thirty-five years, is a Talmid of Rabbi Isaiah Wohlgemuth, z”l, who for many years taught a course in Beurei Hatefila at Maimonides School, in Brookline, MA, the school established by Rav Joseph Soloveitchik, z”l.  The important lessons Rabbi Wohlgemuth taught were recently compiled into the Sefer, Beurei HaTefillah: A Guide to Jewish Prayer, published by the Orthodox Union Press.  Much of what Rabbi Wohlgemuth taught was centered on a collection of sources that he compiled and published as a workbook that accompanied his course. Because the number of sources that provide a deeper meaning to our Tefillot has grown substantially since Rabbi Wohlgemuth retired, Abe began to publish newsletters that provided the additional sources and to later present on-line classes accompanied by source sheets that include the sources as well. 

Recordings of Abe’s current on-line class on the Tefillot of Shabbat Shacharit and the accompanying source sheets can be downloaded here: OnLine Tefila Class-Tefillot Of Shabbat Shacharit – The Beurei Hatefila Institute

This class meets via Zoom, Tuesday nights at 8:45pm. For more information, please e-mail Abe Katz at beureihatefila@yahoo.com.


Tzurba M’Rabanan Halacha Program – Dr. Avi Bitton (via Zoom, Wednesday nights at 9:00pm) 

For over 10 years, Dr. Avi Biton has led and an organized program of learning Halacha from sources in the Mishna and Gemara, the development by the Rishonim and Achronim and down to the practical application of Halacha by modern-day Poskim. The learning utilizes Sefarim published by the Tzurba M’Rabanan program, which has over 20,000 people studying Halacha weekly. The Shiur meet on Wednesday nights at 9:00pm, via Zoom. For more information, please e-mail Dr. Avi Biton at kislev@gmail.com.


Weekly Gemara Shiur – Rabbi Etan Schnall –  Thursday nights at the YIH and Zoom, at 9pm (Currently Studying Masechta Brachot) 

The Gemarah Shiur has dozens of weekly attendees live in our Beit Midrash and via Zoom.

The Shiur meets Thursday night at 9pm, followed by Maariv at 9:45pm (ice cream and refreshments served).

The Shiur is at once in-depth and suitable for all levels and backgrounds. For more information or to receive the Zoom link, please email: yih-office@yihillcrest.org.